Knight wanna join ;D

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Knight wanna join ;D

Post  melon on Sat Apr 26, 2008 5:05 pm

hello guys!
Im new on this server i played in secura before.i had a lvl 91 ms there. So i me and my rl mate left the server and came to this server (aurea) ^^ so we will now play here till 100+.

Im lvl 17 but i will lvl up fast to 30. Im a active player that will have guild-chat opend every time i logg in. Im not a player that walks around in thais dp and beg for money or start with war. I had a teacher that played here before for like 1 year ago so he gave me some stuff so im kinda rich ^^
Im a player that loves to have many friends and to do guild hunts when i reach 40+ ofc I know all the places in the so im not new ^^
Why i want to join this guild it's because it looks like a active guild with a homepage etc..
When i saw the other guilds they just had 5 members nothing else. So i wanted to join this guild with my friend and have fun.
You wont maybe accept me cuz im a low lvl but dont worry about that, i will lvl up as fast as i can and i promise that i will be 35+ after this month ^^ (may)
yea PS: we are 18 years old so we are not kids ;D

Well i hope you accept me and my friend to the guild. he started to lvl up his character today (25th april) so he is 11 but he will take 14+ today and i hope i will get 18 or 19.

Well i dont have anything else to say so good bye
Character name : Arkosa and my mate is arkose
We are from sweden


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Re: Knight wanna join ;D

Post  Crofter on Sat Apr 26, 2008 7:07 pm

Not sure we're recruiting people anymore...
And it's close friends mostly, try to catch Teun Tuinman in game and talk to him about it..

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